A Pawn’s Life

A pawn’s life

by Denise Fuehrer Burnette


I am just a pawn

in this game of life

helpless,        afraid


to choose a path of my own

pushed and pulled

by a force from beyond


What is my goal?

What is my destination?

To capture the King,

I am told

To win the game


But secretly

I dream

of someday making my way


to the other side

To discover what lies

beyond the horizon


I am told

there are great treasures awaiting

grand enough to make this game

worth playing


The knight has told me…

if I play this game

with skill and determination

if I pass through this maze of confusion

without being captured

by the dark forces of my enemy

On the fateful day

when I pass to the other side

I will be Queen


The rook has told me…

if I ever reach the other side

I will be free to move

with passion and direction

no longer held back

by the constraints and restrictions

of my lowly position

in this wretched game


And the bishop has told me

secretly, of course

the most unbelievable tale of all

he has told me…

When I make my way

to the other side

When I pass from this world

of the mundane

into the promised land

of mystery

the Truth will be revealed

and I will know

with all my soul…

that the hand

who played this game

was mine all along

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