Coming Down

Coming Down

by Denise Fuehrer Burnette

I remember a time

when I lived in my mind

a floating head

wandering through the cognitive landscape

knowing something was missing

but what?


My hunger was a need

to fill the void

the emptiness I had created

how much?

how often?

I knew only by clocks and calories


Desire was a dirty word

I knew no desire

I knew only attachment…clinging…


Time has passed

and I have learned to listen

to the hunger

and the thirst

the desire

and the pain

within me


I have arms now

and a belly

and on good days

lying on the beach

I have legs too


And I wonder


where have I come

all these years

of fear and confusion

going places

I never knew existed


I feel the weight of my leg

resting on the heel of my foot


I have come down

I have come home


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