Peace Fighter

Peace Fighter

by Denise Fuehrer Burnette

There is a war outside my door

For a while I closed my ears

Closed my eyes

Tried to pretend it was not there

But it did not go away

It grew louder       and stronger

Until I could no longer sleep

Until it filled my dreams with horror


And then one day a bomb exploded on my home

And I could no longer pretend not to see


So I picked up my gun and I ran to the front line

To defend my home

To fight the war I hated


But something was wrong

A voice inside telling me no, stop fighting


But we’re losing, we’re losing

I cannot sit back anymore and pretend

I do not see this war

I can no longer close my eyes

To the war outside my door


Just then I looked across the horizon

And there I saw a wounded man

My enemy

Lying on the ground crying for help

Alone, Helpless, Afraid


I saw the fear in his eyes

I felt the pain in his heart

And just then it hit me

Like a bolt of lightning

We are all losing…every one of us

There is no winner in this war

There is no winner in any war


So I put down my gun and approached him slowly

Offering my hand

I lifted him carefully from the ground

Wrapped his wounds

And took him to my home to rest


And on that fateful night

I put away my gun forever

Knowing that if I want to fight for peace

I must stop fighting

And start loving.


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