by Denise Fuehrer Burnette


Perched beneath a redwood

feeling infinitely meek

I wonder what this tree would say

if only she could speak


Could she answer all my questions

would she help to calm my fears

might she share the ancient wisdom

that has riddled man for years?


Or reveal to me the secret

to truly being free

so simple to achieve

that it’s known by every tree


All the truth she must have found

standing here for all these days

in harmony with life’s great force

never questioning its ways


Is it her hope to share

all the wisdom and the wealth

of her life here in the forest

where she came to know herself?


There seems no need for words

for words could never tell

the secrets of the universe

she understands so well




Just sitting here beneath her

somehow I feel as though

she needs not a single word

to teach what I should know


Perhaps it’s best she’s silent

words might be this queen’s demise

for if she spoke our language

perhaps she wouldn’t be so wise

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