Sacred Science

Sacred Science

by Denise Fuehrer Burnette


Because it does not fit

into your perfect equation

you say it does not exist


Because you cannot pick it apart

piece by piece

to find the tiny source that makes it tick

you say it is not real


Let me ask you, Oh man of Science

When did you become our God?

Perhaps when you “proved”

the non-existence

of the previous deity?


When did your tools become the only source of Truth

in this misguided world?


When did your hand

become the holder of the Holy Grail?


You hold your textbook like a bible

your ruler like a scepter

your podium… a pulpit


As we sit in our desks

emptied of all judgment

and look to you

for the answers

you cannot give


The way our ancestors did

kneeling,               heads bowed in admiration

toward a man who said He knew the truth

and They did not


When will we learn

to look inside

to search the uncharted depths

of our own souls?



in a place where time becomes eternity

where self becomes other

and Love becomes everything


Only there will we find Truth

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