The Fire Beneath Your Feet

The Fire Beneath your Feet 

by Denise Fuehrer Burnette


I am the fire beneath your feet

I am the pulse that runs through your veins

I am the child of truth

And the mother of passion

The voice of life speaking to you

Through you


But you are too scared to listen

Afraid the strength of my voice

Might shatter your fragile world


Living for tomorrow

Gathering wood for the fire

You take one more sip

One more puff

One more hour at the office

And leave me in the memory

Of what it means to feel


Quiet your mind

Feel the weight of your feet

on the ground

Feel the flame of creation

between your legs

This is my home

This is where you will hear me stir


And when you hear the sound of my voice

Don’t turn your head in fear

And pretend again

That paying the bills

And washing the dishes

Is more important

Than hearing our song

And dancing our dance


Your life is not your own

You are the voice of Truth

You are the hands of God

This music you hear

It is the music of the Universe

The one song of creation

That must be sung


Listen to the music

Put aside your fears

your worries and doubts

and trust in the song


Dance to the music

Dance like your life

And all of life depends on it


Because somewhere deep in your heart

Beneath the dreams you hide

And the person you know you can be

Somewhere deep in your soul

You know that it does.

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