The Innocent Wizard

The Innocent Wizard

by Denise Fuehrer Burnette


I remember when the stars would dance

the earth would sing and the moon would prance

the world was magic, a mystery

and everything was new to me


Back in the days of long ago

where did the magic ever go

what ever happened to the truth

I knew back in the days of youth


When did the stars begin to fade

and the earth put on this masquerade

when did my dream become a lie

how did the magic ever die


Is this the way it has to be

is this our fated destiny

that we must live in endless strife

and waste the precious gift of life


Must we be lost in life’s desire

while our hearts break and our souls tire

lost in a desperate yearning for

the promised land we knew before


When in our hearts we hold the key

to all of life’s great mystery

no need to search so far and wide

the Holy Grail is found inside


Talk to the mountains and the trees

listen closely to the seas

they tell the secrets of your youth

they’re whispering the voice of Truth



Love is the language that they speak

in a voice so kind and meek

the lessons they are here to show

are all we ever need to know


Throw down your sword, reach out your hand

to everyone in every land

and when you do you’ll know what’s true

that they are all a part of you


And when you see a little child

offer love with manners mild

don’t try too hard to lead the way

listen instead to what they say


For in the heart of all the young

there is a song that must be sung

and to that tune the dance will be

the dance of life, in harmony


So let them sing and let them dance

give them the strength to take a chance

so they won’t lose a gift so grand

and waste their days in a silent land


And when they dance don’t turn your head

join in their joyous dance instead

free your soul and sing along

to the tune of life’s great song


They hold the key to life and love

a precious gift from up above

reminding us what we can be

so happy, loving, and so free





You had it once so long ago

do not forget all that you know

never believe your dream is lost

an empty life will be the cost


For if you can reclaim that child

you had long ago defiled

the stars will dance, the earth will sing

and the world will be magic once again

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